Unveiling of Portrait of DRAGAN STANKIC
Passers-by, Terazije Square, 2003
Terazije Square, 1947


Terazije Square, Belgrade, November-December 2003

BANNER TEXT TRANSLATION: you hit the sack at 4 in the morning at night, you get up in the morning, well say at 4, you get up at 4 o’clock, turn in at 3 or 4, as soon as you hear birds chirpin’, oh, it’s dawn. In the evening when it’s gettin’ dark and I see the sunset I go back, they’re workin’ there, I clear up the mess, I slept on those bags, nylon bags, you know. I’d put hay in them, and lay another bag for my head, and I’d sleep like that. I didn’t have a blanket before, so I covered myself with cardboard. But I found one later, oh, I said, who’s this lucky man, he chucked a blanket, it’s freezin’ cold when you cover yourself with cardboard, oh I said, great, I’ll sleep like a lamb now, and I’ve got hay bags down there, hay smells good and you sleep like a log. It’s cold and windy, and there’s no roof up there, but I can make it, twigs and stuff. One part’s roofed the other stays open, like a balcony, nothing above, nothing. But it didn’t leak; later on, little by little I managed to cover it all so it don’t leak no where. It leaked at another place, at night, I got up and saw it drippin’. Where’s it drippin', I say, I look up and see the light, oh, I say, there you are, this is where I hide when it’s rainin’, where else, I ain’t got nowhere to go, it’s rainin’